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Nutritional Therapy

Initial Consultation



Per Hour Charge.

Pre-consultation questionnaire and diet diary addressing the health issues you wish to discuss and gathering information such as childhood illness / accidents, family history, medications, lifestyle factors and current diet. I look at each system in the body to find any factors impacting on presenting symptoms.

Using information gathered at the initial consultation, I produce your Personal Health Timeline which helps to show how events / illnesses in the past could have impacted on current symptoms.

I then draw up a Personal Health Map which aims to demonstrate how each body system interrelates and identifies possible triggers (root causes) and drivers for current symptoms. From this, your Personal Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan and Supplement Plan (if required) is developed for you to work from going forward.




Follow up


One hour duration.

Usually takes place between four and six weeks after the initial consultation to check progress of nutrition plan and making any amendments that may be necessary.

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